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Have we contacted you?

If you have been approached by a Viewpoint interviewer or recruiter, this will have been to see if you are interested in taking part in a research project. To give you more information about how market research works, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why am I being asked questions about my age, children and income?

These screening questions help us identify the specific groups of people whose input can help the research. In some cases for example, we may be looking to speak with people in the 25 - 45 age group with children living at home with them. At other times, our recruiting quota may specify people in a higher or lower age group without children. Sometimes we need to recruit a set number of all these groups.

You may also be asked questions about how familiar you are with a specific product. For example, if we are researching cars, we may ask you how much like or dislike a certain brand. Depending on your answers, you may not fit the criteria set for the project. If this is the case, we appreciate your time and hope we can contact you again.

If you are a customer of our client and we are calling you from their list, we adhere to strict codes of conduct regarding the confidentiality of that information. These include the guidelines laid down by DPA, MRS and ESOMAR.

I have been asked to complete a pre-task. What is this?

Depending on the research project, we sometimes ask our respondents to complete a pre-task. This is a simple exercise in advance of the interview or group. Some pre-tasks are designed to help you form opinions of the subject matter and may involve calling a company's customer service centre or visiting a branch of a store or bank for example. Other pre-tasks are designed to help the interviewer understand you and your lifestyle and may involve you keeping a simple diary or creating a scrapbook of things that interest you. Where used, pre-tasks make a major contribution to the research findings and we very much appreciate your help with them.

I accepted an invitation to a group. Then I was called again. Is this normal?

If you have been recruited by one of our freelance interviewers, you may receive a call from our office a few days before the interview or group discussion. Known as a pre-check, this is part of our ISO20252/IQCS quality control programme in which we verify some of the information our recruiter passed back to us. We pre-check a percentage of respondents at random to maintain the performance of our interviewers and the integrity of our recruiting.

What happens at the interview / group discussion?

The interview or group discussion itself will be conducted by a moderator who will explain the purpose of the research and will ask for your views, perceptions and experiences relevant to the subject matter. You may also be shown some ideas that the commissioning client has for a new product or advertising campaign and asked to comment on them.

What's the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative market research?

Quantitative is concerned predominantly with what people do and how many people do it. Projects are usually conducted among large groups of people using structured questionnaires with predetermined responses. Qualitative looks into why people do certain things. These projects generally involve fewer respondents than quantitative studies and take the form of group discussions and depth interviews examining people's attitudes and views. Either way, there are no wrong answers in market research - it's what you think that matters.

Will I be filmed or audio recorded?

More often than not, interviews and group discussions are filmed or recorded. This is to help the researchers analyse and report on the session. However, the recording can only be used for the purposes of the research project you have agreed to take part in. It cannot be passed on by our client to a third party without your prior consent. Many interviews and groups take place at purpose-designed studios. These also have one-way mirrors behind which clients can view the session.




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