For over 25 years,
Viewpoint have been providing first class Viewing Facility and Fieldwork services for the Market Research industry.


A flair for the unusual

As our population becomes increasingly diverse, research projects being commissioned by clients are becoming similarly wide-ranging. You may, from time to time, wish to discuss topics that respondents, understandably, find difficult to talk about.

Viewpoint has vast experience in reaching people who, due to the subject matter in question or their understanding of market research in general, are notoriously elusive.

Our recruiters are skilled at reassuring wary respondents about the purpose and confidentiality of bona fide market research and the value of their opinions and experiences.

Using a sensitive and non-judgmental approach we have achieved great success in recruiting respondents such as:

to participate in research studies for commercial, medical and government organisations.

And with a national network of 800 recruiters and interviewers across the UK, our in-house Telephone Unit and stringent quality controls, you are assured of the right outcome, whatever your research needs.




Viewpoint Field London
Kingsbourne House
229-231 High Holborn

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Where We Are

Our studios and offices are based in Central London and Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey.


What We Do

We are experts in the field of market research and offer some of the best technology and studio facilities to help you acquire precise and accurate data.

Who We Are

Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified people dedicated to bringing you the right results.